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Gary Chestnut


Gary was a private consultant for 10 years.  Then worked in local government for 25 years.


In local government, Gary started as a Town Planner and become the first Principal Environmentalist.   Gary has worked in various management positions from the Manager of Development up to the Director of Environment and Planning. 

Gary has prepared council polices, strategies, plans of management and chaired public meetings which have been highly politically & emotionally charged.


Gary has been an expert witness in the Land and Environment Court on multiple occasions.


Gary has a Bachelor of Natural Resources, Master of Science, Bachelor of Law and a Master's of Business Administration.   Application of these four degrees has enabled Gary to address all aspects of Local Government.


Gary has the skills knowledge and experience to undertake activities from lodging a Development Application, prepare a submissions on a development, investigate and research complex land use activities, appear as an expert witness in the Land and Environment Court or chair a public consultation session. 


No job is to small or to complex.


From Terry Thirwell


It is my opinion that Mr Chestnut lives his life based on a high standard of morality and ethical behavior and has the strength to resist any efforts to have him deviate from these levels and this is based on my observations of him in his roles within Council and my personal dealing in my different roles within Council over eighteen years.

From Nic Pasternatsky


Mr Chestnut is a person of the highest integrity and honesty who provided his professional views, recommendations and opinions without fear or favour.  To my knowledge, all staff, peers, executive management and Councillors who dealt with Gary were aware that information that Gary provided would be professional, considered and balanced.



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