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Gary's leadership style is to lead by example. When supervising staff he encourages staff to take ownership of the issue and to be empowered to make decisions.  Gary works on the principal that there is no such thing as stupid questions.


If you do not know the answer explore the issues.


Once you have an understanding of the facts make a decision that is balanced on the information available.


Through Gary's leadership in 2013 he was able to achieve one of the highest improvements in the Development Assessment times in NSW for Local Government.



Project Management


Gary's project management skills are built upon developing clear goals and objectives that are directed towards specific outcomes.


Progressive targets are set to ensure the project meets it long-term goal.


Gary's project management skills was recognised by the Premier's Department of NSW for his technical advice, expertise and problem solving skills pertaining to the completion of the Somersby Industrial Park Plan of Management.




When working in local government Gary was recognised as a troubleshooter and was constantly assigned the task that had no easy solution.  This extended from dealing with a single customer complaint to complex legal matters.


Gary has instigated one on one meeting's with members of the public to define the problem and work out solutions.   He has participated in high level court mediation sessions chaired by a judge attended by Senior Counsel, solicitors and consultants involving multiple parities. 


Gary on behalf of Council has provided presentations to State Ministers that were attended by high ranking government officers at State Parliament.


Gary has represented Council on meetings with the Secretary and Deputy Secretary's of multiple State Government Department and Agencies. 


Research & Investigation

Gary's academic training has provided him with the skill to undertake detailed and comprehensive research.  His ability in this area is demonstrated by the fact he has appeared as an expert witness in the Land and Environment Court on over 40 separate matters.


Each of these court proceedings required a through and comprehensive understanding of the facts.  A full understanding the facts can only come about by starting from the first principal of never assuming you know the facts or assuming a particular outcome.  


Rather one has to take a systematic step by step approach from the beginning.  Come to an awareness of the issues by researching the available information. Once you have an appreciation of the issues cross reference the information to identify any links or associations.


When an understanding of the facts, links and associations has been established one then has to apply one's knowledge and skill of deduction to present considered findings.




Gary's research and investigation skills has enabled him to prepare or provide key inputs into policies, strategies and plans of management across a range of disciplines in local government.


Gary's development of Gosford City Council's Erosion and Sediment Control Policy was recoqnised by the Australian Government by receiving the National Landcare Award for Local Government.  This policy was also recognised by the Royal Australian Planning Institute of NSW Division by receiving an Excellence in Planning Award.


His innovation was recognised as a team player as he jointly received a certificate of appreciation for his invaluable contribution to the Cultural Program of the Inaugural 5 Lands' Walk.  The 5 Land's Walk has become an annual cultural event along the coastal beaches of MacMasters, Copacbana, Avoca, North Avoca and Terrigal beaches. 





Gary has the skill to communicate complex legal, environmental, engineering and politically sensitive matters to decision makers and the general public.


His communication skill assisted him in achieving an outstanding performance in his contribution to the Australian Business Excellence Framework Team in developing Gosford City Council's Corporate Vision. 


Gary received an outstanding performance award in his presentation to the community and Councillors in regard to the Terrigal/Wamberal revetment wall. 


His communication skills were tested and congratulated in his chairing of multiple public meetings with developers, environmental groups and the general public on the successful formulation of the Standard Planning Instrument for Gosford City Council.

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