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Gary through his studies in Australia and oversees has been successful to secure four degrees. Combining this knowledge with his wealth of experience in both the public and private sectors enables Gary to work out solutions.

Gary's first degree, which is a Bachelor of Natural Resources, is built upon the disciplines of economic, engineering and the environment. Having this degree has provided the knowledge that it is essential in making any decision that you need to give equal weight to all three disciplines. By considering all three disciplines you can make a balanced decision. 

Making any decision is not just based on scientific facts.  By undertaking a Masters Degree in Science at the University of Colorado Gary was trained in the importance of research and investigation in decision making.  He was also trained in the importance of active consultation in any public decision making.  As Gary studied for two years outside of Australia and travelled extensively around the world he has lived and experienced a diversity of cultures. 

Returning back home to Australia Gary launched into his own private consultancy for 10 years then joined Gosford City Council.   While working in Council he undertook a Bachelor of Legal Studies through Macquarie University.  By undertaking this degree Gary came to appreciated and understand the principles of law in Australia.


By working through various positions within Council from Town Planner to Director Gary recognised the importance of obtaining management skills.  To achieve these skills Gary undertook a Masters of Business Administration through Latrobe University.  This degree provides an insight into modern business practice in Australia. 


When a resident, builder, developer or community member deals with local government they may face a bureaucratic brick wall.  Likewise when local government decision makers are trying to understand the wishes of the community they may also come across a barrier.  


Gary's work philosophy is when you find yourself in the position of a rock and a hard place is to have open communication, listen to all parties and apply his knowledge, skills and expertise to find solutions. 



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